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“Farina Aperitif: Genuine, Artisanal and Abundant. With drink included. Available every day!”

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Flour Aperitif: Genuine, Artisanal and Abundant

In the Farina Tiburtina, Kitchen and Lab locations you just have to indicate a drink of your choice between beer (light, weiss, amber, IPA…), Spritz, cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks (Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite…) or Farina wine (red, white or rosé) and any intolerances or unwelcome products. Then our staff will create imaginative solutions for you that range from varied pizza tongues, stuffed mini loaves and stuffed focaccias, all cooked in our wood-fired ovens, to artisanal fried foods including fried pizzas, mixed fried foods, artisanal French fries, arancini , Neapolitan pasta omelettes, Sicilian panelle, peasant fried food and much more. We only have a few rules that we stick to: everything is rigorously freshly prepared, each aperitif is different from the other because we like to continuously invent and create bold and refined combinations and the quantity must be proportionate to the quality offered. Last point, but certainly not the least, is the price: the Farina Aperitif costs only €13 per person with a drink of your choice included! For the aperitif with wine formula, the price will vary based on the wine chosen.


The formulas in our Food & Drink locations” Tuscolana and S.Giovanni

To meet the requests and continuous appreciation of our Aperitif, in June 2023 we created a new venue format: Farina Food & Drink. The first branch of this format was opened in the San Giovanni area, precisely in via Gallia 180. In addition to the inevitable Pagnottelli, platters, salads and baked potatoes, this format focuses heavily on Aperitif Formulas.

There are several at really low prices and all are characterized by the fantastic opportunity that you can compose it as you like: choose pagnottelli, focaccias, baked potatoes whatever you like best and, obviously, you can also choose the drink from a huge selection of cocktails, beers, wines and soft drinks.

But the great news is that in Farina Food & Drink, the Aperitif is available every day at all hours, from midday to midnight continuously!


The Farina Aperitif is also at home!

So what are you waiting for?

Farina never leaves you alone: ​​now our Aperitif comes directly to your home! If you can’t come and enjoy it with us, we’ll come to your house!
The home delivery aperitif was designed to bring directly home the delicacies baked by our staff. The quality and inventiveness are the same as always, the price remains the same!

If you have not yet tried the Farina Aperitif in our premises (every day from 18:00 to 20:00 with extended hours from Monday to Thursday, until 21:30, only in our Salotto 38 in via dei Durantini 38 next to at the Farina Tiburtina headquarters), now you can order it directly to your home! Choose the place closest to you, call us and order your aperitif at home!