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Who We Are

About us

What if all of us were dreams that someone dreams, thoughts that someone thinks? We have always dreamed of it, always thought about it and then finally made it happen

Quality and innovation strategy to achieve all our goals.

Quality and innovation strategy to achieve all our goals.

Farina is our creature. Places where ‘Made in Italy’ is the basis of everything. Farina is a mix between a pub, a sandwich shop, a Neapolitan pizzeria and street food. Brand born in 2016 and now become a point of reference among street food in Rome

  • A DOC Neapolitan pizza created from the pizza chef’s decades of experience.

  • Pagnottelli and pizzas are made in a wood-fired oven. But Farina is much more.

We strive to improve every day, because we love what we do

Commitment to improve every day, we love what we do

The innovative flagship product of the premises, which are located in Rome and Malaga, is the Pagnottello, a freshly cooked wood-fired sandwich

The innovative flagship product of the premises, which are located in Rome and Malaga, is the Pagnottello, a freshly cooked wood-fired sandwich

  • With a dough left to rise for 72 hours.

  • The pizza is made to perfection, in full respect of the Neapolitan tradition


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Growth and quality


So our new project “FARINA FOOD&DRINK” is born, an innovative Format come and find out….

Join the Farina #Pickyourkind family and make your dream grow, get in touch with us.








Frequently Asked Questions

Often in our restaurants or on social networks they ask us

The Pagnottello is as big as a pizza2023-06-19T03:37:21+02:00

Yes, the weight of the dough is the same as the pizza….but the filling makes the difference :o)…..come and try it!

After the aperitif we can stay for dinner2023-06-19T03:36:11+02:00

Yes, the aperitif is from 18 to 20 and if the table is not booked, no problem! however, our advice is always to make a reservation with dinner included.

Yours is Neapolitan pizza2023-06-19T03:34:47+02:00

Yes, our pizzas respect the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza with crust and all the rest

Our Strategy

The main points of our strategy to achieve real goals.

The main points of our strategy to achieve real goals.

All this is the result of years of experience and hard work that today lead us to want to improve every day, aware of always raising the expectations of our customers who reward us with a smile every time they taste one of our creations.

  • We choose ingredients from the best Italian supply chains, our suppliers grow with us.

  • We train our Staff day after day, we collaborate and collect the new ideas that individuals express to improve teamwork.

  • The opinion of our customers is essential to always propose new creations, after having tasted our products, a smile is the best reward.

About us

We create taste pleasure for our customers

We create taste pleasure for our customers

“..we happened upon it by chance and it was a surprising discovery!!..Original very tasty and delicious ‘Pagnottello’ idea…high quality products…a ‘warm’ and youthful environment…friendly smiling staff and helpful!!!.. Well done guys… we’ll definitely be back and we’ll advertise you… really well done!!!”


Graziana Vinci

“I was very impressed by both the food and the aesthetic aspect of the place. It is an environment with attention to every detail. The food is excellent, especially the loaves. I tasted the loaf of the day: imaginative and inviting! The bread has a particular that distinguishes it. Even the pizza is very good. The staff is really kind. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend it to everyone!”


Samantha Bazzolo

“Excellent. Quality raw materials, courteous and efficient staff, perfect value for money. The restaurant is tastefully furnished, which never hurts. We will definitely be back.”


Federica Natascia

“I’ve been for dinner 3 times in a week, everything is always very tasty and fresh ingredients. Those who were with me also appreciated it. Very kind and helpful staff, I will definitely come back and it’s also close to home. Highly recommended!”


Monica Moka

“I’ve been to this place and it’s very nice and the food is very good. I ate french fries and pizza, they were excellent!! I’ll start by saying that it’s the first time I’ve finished a pizza.”


Andrea Ponte

“We went yesterday after seeing the page on Facebook by chance. Small but welcoming place, young and very kind staff. What about the food? Very good. The fries are not frozen ones, not to mention the sandwiches, as well as there is a wide choice from the menu, you are given a sheet where you can create your sandwich yourself and give it a name with the possibility that this will be extracted as sandwich of the day!We really enjoyed it, but above all we left satisfied!We will certainly return.”


Jessica Olezzo

“Home-made fries of the highest level as an appetizer, but above all a truly crazy sandwich: the JUPIEN, marinated salmon-zucchini julienne-baked potatoes-provolone cheese with a little addition of “flour sauce” (spicy mayonnaise) The secret obviously lies in the bread: cooked in wood on the spot in front of your eyes… Truly unique fragrance and flavour. Complimentoni!!!”


Amos Tesciuba

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